Meldrum the Mover at 6645 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, Montreal, Quebec H4B 1N4

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+1 514-481-1122

6645 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, Montreal, Quebec H4B 1N4
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  • Lise Morin
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Everyday I wish that I had never hired them and feel that I have a duty to warn others. It started with the movers about to pull away after having loaded my goods and telling me that their numbering tickets had 'fallen into a mud puddle that morning' and that they would inventory the goods that afternoon and have it emailed to me and asked me to sign blank inventory sheets. After a few days with no response, I tried to get a hold of the inventory sheets and were told they were with the driver. After more days of no response, I contacted Allied Van Lines and was told no paperwork had been filed as of yet. I got a call when I was visiting a friend in the States saying my stuff was being delivered. the perpetually unpleasant and controlling manager Josh told me it was overweight but not by how much and that 'maybe there was a problem with the scales in Montreal and it would be reweighed' (it never was). As I was not there to receive it, supposedly it was waiting for me in a company that they use for storage in Edmonton. I paid for a trip to Edmonton to see my goods and sort it out. My stuff was not there (it was supposed to be) and no-one had any idea where it was. 3 more emails to that were ignored by Josh until I had to leave and received a very expensive bill for 3740 pds when he dumped my goods at the storage place and did not even bother to call me (he knew I was leaving Edmonton the next day).. My original quote ( a sales person had eyeballed my goods in person) was for 1800 pds. I tried to explain that I had a 'stuffed' locker the same size that had been weighed for 1200 pds. so I did not understand how it could be so heavy. I also had requested the movers drop off any furniture at a donation centre and that my previously weighed goods included furniture. No response so I called the customer service manager of where it was being stored who told me that more than a 10 percent difference would be an automatic re-weighing and that she would contact Josh to re-weigh and adjust the bill. I was in Vancouver supposedly flying out to a new job and postponed it to pay my way to Edmonton to see my goods (as I was concerned over loss by this point). Josh forbade me to see my goods or enter the company where they were being stored at. The customer service manager was not returning my calls or emails. I went overseas, ended up being fired for showing up late,Threats and bullying emails from Josh. I was about to sue them in small claims court by this time. I returned to Canada. Josh finally relented to the original quoted price, (after threatening to move my goods back to Montreal and dump them) I paid to go to Edmonton to receive my goods. A TV box (with laptop and speakers) was missing, more missing goods, locks missing, 3 tables I had shipped from Saudi Arabia destroyed etc. I emailed Josh to let him know as would be customery. More rude and abusive emails. The movers who delivered my goods told me that they witnessed the mover delivering it creating the inventory lists at that time and putting down damaged goods as having been damaged when picked up so they created inventory lists specifying the damage. I just tried to file a claim online with Allied and not working son fitting. end ...
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Meldrum The Mover is one of the oldest moving companies in Canada. Your mover for moving to or from Montreal.

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